Welcome to the SMCYS!

This is the home of the St. Mary's County Youth Sports NFL Flag Football League. The SMCYS flag football league is one of the largest flag football leagues in the United States. The organization is dedicated to serving the youth in the community by fostering in them the principles of fair play, good sportsmanship, competitive spirit, tolerance, and friendship. To achieve these principle goals, the organization offers opportunity, participation, and competition to all our community's youth.

St. Mary's County Youth Sports Inc. currently offers both youth and adult flag football leagues. We are always looking for volunteers to help plan, participate, and give suggestions to help improve our organization.

Playoffs Start Saturday Oct. 25th 7-9 Division

The playoffs will begin Saturday Oct. 25th for the 7-9 Division.

10Am – #3 Steelers Vs. #6 Raiders
10AM – #4 Chiefs Vs. #5 Dolphins
#1 Jets and #2 Broncos are bye and will play winners on Sunday

11AM – #4 Panthers Vs. #5 Saints
11AM – #3 Cowboys Vs. #6 Bears
#1 Packers and #2 Redskins are bye and will play winners on Sunday


Weather Cancellation

Parents and Coaches, if weather is a question for the day, we ask that you check the St. Mary’s County Recreation Announcement weather page by CLICKING HERE. If after 3pm, the county will not make an announcement, please check with your Coach at that point.

On game days, we will post a message on the front page of the site, if the games have been cancelled for that day.

We will not post everyday if the fields are closed or not during the week for practices, just click on the link above.

Please Support Our Concession Stand Only


We are  a non-profit organization. We do not ask Parents to do fundraising or work at our concession stand on Saturdays. Once the registration fee has been paid, we don’t ask Parents to purchase or sell anything. We have never and will never ask Parents to do fundraising. We are asking that you please do not purchase items from this Ice Cream truck. This truck is for profit for himself and none of this money goes to our league or any other youth league. We ask that you please purchase items from our concession stand as this helps keep our behind the scenes cost down. We use this money to purchase trophies and to pay our officials. The choice of course is always yours, but we just ask that you help our league out.