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This is the home of the St. Mary's County Youth Sports NFL Flag Football League. The SMCYS flag football league is one of the largest flag football leagues in the United States. The organization is dedicated to serving the youth in the community by fostering in them the principles of fair play, good sportsmanship, competitive spirit, tolerance, and friendship. To achieve these principle goals, the organization offers opportunity, participation, and competition to all our community's youth.

St. Mary's County Youth Sports Inc. is always looking for volunteers to help plan, participate, and give suggestions. We are a 501c non-profit organization.

Important Update 7/13/2020

STMYFFL Refund COVID 07/13/20

Spring 2020 Flag Football participants, it is with great news that we have been able to workout an agreement with the NFL Flag Merchandise company, where they have graciously given us relief from their no return policy. We must say the resolution did not come without a fee, but it worked out for the best as the STMYFFL Board continued to work behind the scenes and did the best we could by its participants during these unprecedented times. The STMYFFL Board will be issuing the remainder of the registration fee in the amount of $45.00 to compliment the $85.00 that has already been refunded to all for a total of the full registration fee of $130.00. The additional monies will be refunded to all via your email registration account on file via PAYPAL, this will be the only refund method. All refunds will be issued by Aug 31st, 2020.

We would really like to express our gratitude to those participants that fully understood the predicament and situation that the league was in, especially those that have been with this league for years and knows what we stand for and that we always do what’s right by the kids first in this flag football league. Once again we really appreciate you all, as you know the grass roots of this league has always been about the kids first nothing more or less. For those participants that could not understand and sent really bad communique to the league and threats of legal action against us, we would respectfully like for you to not register for this league again as your character is not what we would like to be associated with our league.

Once again thank you all to those for the support and your understanding, during these unprecedented times and we hope you all stay safe and healthy. We look forward to seeing you soon for a great season of Flag Football in Spring of 2021.

May God continue to provide love and healing to this nation.