2018 Fall Picture Day Schedule

Picture Day is Sept 15th


2018 Fall Season Picture Day schedule 

The times listed below for your Childs Team is not the time that you arrive for pictures. This is the time that your Childs Team will be standing in front of the camera. We ask that each Head Coach coordinate with your team the time that you would like for them to arrive at the field to be ready by your allotted time.

4-6 Tiny Mite Division 
8:30am – Browns
8:30am – 49ers
8:45am – Chargers
8:45am – Redskins
9:30am – Eagles
9:30am – Patriots
9:45am -Bengals
9:45am – Texans
7-9 Little Pro Division
10:30am – Chargers
10:30am – Broncos
10:45am – Chiefs
10:45am – Browns
11:30am – Raiders
11:30am – Patriots
11:45am – Texans
11:45am – Packers
12:30pm – Ravens
12:30pm – Bears
12:45pm – Giants
12:45pm – Steelers
10-12 Pro Division
1:30pm – Lions
1:30pm – Raiders
1:45pm – Packers
1:45pm – Panthers
2:30pm – Rams
2:30pm – Giants
2:45pm – Redskins
2:45pm – Dolphins

All of the picture packages can be viewed and ordered online. The paper order forms will be available on picture day. All pictures can be ordered online. Please CLICK HERE to order your pictures.

Order forms will be available at Photo Day, the online process provides the opportunity to skip that manual process and order directly on their site.

1.  Once you click on the link it will bring you to a login page, you will say create account with your name, email, and phone.
2.  Then it will ask you to add a child or childrens name and birthdate, then you click submit.
3.  A popup will appear that states you are selecting photos for ST. Mary’s Youth flag football league, and then you hit ok.
4.  Then  you will be able to to pick the photo package of your choosing.

Please direct all of your picture questions other than scheduling for your team to TSS Photography, their phone number is 410-696-8741, please speak with Kelly Kostelnik