2020 Spring Picture Day Schedule

2020 Spring Season Picture Day schedule 

The times listed below for your Childs Team is not the time that you arrive for pictures. This is the time that your Childs Team will be standing in front of the camera. We ask that each Head Coach coordinate with your team the time that you would like for them to arrive at the field to be ready by your allotted time.

April 18th – Week 2 – Picture Day
4-6 Tiny Mite Division
8:15am Cowboys
8:15am Lions
9:15am Redskins
9:15am Ravens
10:15am Dolphins
10:15am Browns
7-9 Little Pro Division
12:30pm Cowboys
12:30pm Jaguars
1:15pm Eagles
1:15pm Chiefs
1:30pm Redskins
1:30pm Falcons
1:45pm Raiders
1:45pm Dolphins
10-12 Pro Division
9:30am Raiders
9:30am Browns
9:45am Broncos
9:45am Texans
10:30am Patriots
10:30am Jets
10:45am Chargers
10:45am Giants
11:15am Redskins
11:15am Cardinals
11:30am Falcons
11:30am Lions
12:15pm Eagles
12:15pm Packers
13-15 Top Pro Division
8:30am Redskins
8:30am Packers
8:45am Chiefs
8:45am Bears

 TSS Photography is excited to be taking your photos this season.  St Mary’s Flag Football Picture Day is scheduled for the Spring 2020 season, April 4th

Please CLICK HERE for more information regarding your child’s Picture Day Order. You will choose your category(age group and team). Once you chose the correct age group/team you will be taken to the ordering page with instructions there. If you have more than one child to photography individually you will need to place a separate order for each child.

All pictures will be mailed directly to the parents. We will have staff, extra forms and samples to assist you on picture day.

Coaches, you will receive a complimentary team photo and 2 5×7’s of you and your child. Please fill out a form with your address and let our staff know you are a coach, or you can add it to your child’s order form. Thank you for volunteering your time this season.

Please direct all of your picture questions other than scheduling for your team to TSS Photography, their phone number is (301) 645-8879 please speak with Eldridge Short.