Hall of Fame

Each spring season we will elect 2 people to be inducted into the leagues Hall Of Fame. These people that are elected have provided outstanding service to our Flag Football League.

2013 Inductees
Chris Pixton – Founder / Past President 2008 – 2012
Chris Pixton and his wife Rachel along with their 3 Children moved from Calvert County to St. Mary’s County in December 2004. In the fall of 2005, Chris was asked to coach Pee Wee football for the upcoming 2005 season with the only tackle football program that was in St. Mary’s County at that time. Chris accepted the Head Coaching job and learned what it was like to be a mentor to 24 young kids that had never played the game of football. Chris did find that he thought he could improve the tackle program in St. Mary’s County. In 2006, Chris and his Wife Rachel created the Pax River Raiders youth football & cheerleading organization. Chris & Rachel found this would not be an easy task and that they would be fought by every obstacle that they would come to. It didn’t matter to Chris & Rachel as they knew they were doing what was right for the Children. Chris & Rachel worked with the Calvert County Parks & Recreation department and the Raiders were able to join the Calvert County Youth Football Program. With many doubters in St. Mary’s County that this would never work, Chris & Rachel kept going and never let anyone come between what they wanted for the Children. At the completion of the Raiders first season everyone in the County was trying to find out how they could have their child join the program. When registration launched on the first day for the fall 2007 season, the website was overloaded and received over 120 registrations. The program continued to grow every season since 2006. Pixton remained as the President of the Raiders until 2010 when he stepped down to branch out into other youth programs. In 2008, Pixton put together an NFL Flag Football program in the County. The first season for the program they had about 100 kids total. After the first season, the program has grown to over 500 kids in the spring season and 200 kids in the fall season. Pixton also started a youth kickball league in 2010 and had over 250 kids register for the first season. In the spring of 2011, Pixton started an NFL Flag Football program in Calvert County. That program has grown to date to have over 400 kids in their spring season. Pixton was always doing something to help kids and keep kids off of the street. Pixton held video game tournaments and other several other events that were always made for the kids. In July 2011, Chris and his family accepted a job in Iowa. When asked what they would miss the most, Pixton said seeing the kids that they not only coached, but the kids they felt they helped Parents raise. The Pixtons always used the motto, “We aren’t just another sports organization, we are a family.”

Billy Eckloff – Head Coach 2008 to 2011
In the winter of 2008 Billy came to Chancellors Run Park to register his child Kyle for the upcoming 2008 spring season. The league was new and was seeking Head Coaches. Billy was approached about Coaching for his son’s team; Billy chuckled and said I know nothing about being a coach. Billy struggled with his teams in the spring and fall of 2008 and 2009. After the 2009 season, Billy said it is time to put everything I have into this league and to coaching these kids. Boy did Billy ever; Billy went on to put together quite a coaching resume. Billy always went above and beyond for the league and never said no when asked to help. Billy became a Referee and started officiating to help out. When asked if he could help with the new kickball league, Billy stepped up and became an umpire. In 2011 Billy and his family moved to Waldorf for a new job. With the distance between Waldorf and St. Mary’s Billy knew that he had come to the end of his coaching Career with the league.  Billy came a long way from being the dad registering his son, to the Coach that many Parents requested their child to play for.

Billy’s Accomplishments
Spring 2010 – Pro Division & Top Pro Division Super Bowl Champions
Spring 2010 – Winning Coach of both Pro Division & Top Pro Division Pro Bowls
Fall 2010 – Pro Division Super Bowl Champions
Fall 2010 – Winning Coach of both Pro Division & Top Pro Division Pro Bowls
Spring 2011 – Pro Division Super Bowl Champions

2014 Inductees
Kevin  Woodland Head Coach 2008 – Present
Kevin Woodland Sr. was born Sept, 3, 1964 in Laplata MD to Parents Raphael, and Edna Woodland.  He was the fifth of seven children (5 boys, and 2 girls) born to the couple during their marriage.  After his parents divorced he and his brothers and sisters moved with his mother to Suitland MD, until the age of ten when they relocated to Landover Md.  Throughout his formative years he spent his summers with his father in Pomfret and the school months were spent in Landover with his mother.  Being the fourth of five boys meant always having to compete at something football, track, basketball even racing to see who could brush their teeth the best and fastest. He was a member of the varsity football team in high school.  After graduating high school at the age of 18 he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and remained on active duty until he retired after having served twenty years in uniform. He met and married his wife Cassandra in the early nineties while stationed at Naval Air Warfare Center, Patuxent River Md. they are the parents of twin ten yr. olds Kevin Jr, & Kevona Enice Woodland.  Kevin began coaching flag football in the spring of 2008 when his son and daughter both became interested in playing.  He admits that initially he had not intended on taking on any coaching role and assumed that the league had enough coaches to cover all of the teams, but he found out otherwise when he attended his first coaches meeting shortly after signing Kevin Jr up to play in his first year.  Initially he had reservations about what he could contribute to the league as a new coach, but he quickly learned that there was a lot to teach the young players and that they were very eager to learn how to play the game the right way. Now entering his seventh spring Coach Woodland enthusiastically looks forward to working new players and the returning players from his previous years.  Always working to balance the demands of teaching the game to the new players and ensuring they get the opportunity to play at each position and the desire to win that ever elusive Super Bowl championship.

Lorenzo Spicer Head Coach 2008 – Present
I was born in raised in St. Mary’s County.   I grew up in the Hollywood area and was raised by my Great Grandmother from the age of 9 and even though we didn’t have much she kept me active through team sports.  In other words, being a part of a sports team saved my life from what many of my childhood friends have become.  All through elementary, middle and high school I kept myself involved and team sports.  My involvement in team sports contributed to the development of positive character traits which include dedication, compassion, and trustworthiness and most importantly respect.  These are the character traits that I instill in every player that I coach.  I want them to realize that being part of a team is the foundation of being socially adequate in life.  I was given that opportunity from my childhood coaches and I’ve always wanted to give that back to the community that I was a part of as a child.  I want to instill hope in these children that anything is possible and developing good character now is a big part of future success.   No one has ever achieved anything great as an individual.  Along the way someone has contributed to a person success and accomplishments whether in a direct or indirect manner.  Along the way in my life there have been very influential people.  These people provided encouragement, guidance, and constructive criticism and most importantly they believed in me.

I’ve been coaching flag football for the past six years with my good friend Van Marks.  As a team we have won relished in victory and the agony of defeat.  Not once have we took our eyes off what was most important and that is the teaching the kids how to be team players.  As I mentioned before, no one accomplishes anything great without the assistance of someone.  Due in part of the contributions and assistance of my comrade Van Marks I am able to share this great accomplishment of being recognized by this great flag football organization.

2015 Inductees
Bernie Goad
Richard Pitonyak

2016 Inductees

John Meade – Write up coming

Austin Axtell – Write up coming